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    Hi, I'm making a fantasy game about changing events in the past and future for a bunch of races, and I could use a map to tell the story more clearly. It's not a vital part of the game, so the artist can maintain copyright for it. I'd still like the rights to distribute, of course!

    I have nearly no artistic talent because of my inability to visualize things in an interesting way, so I give full flexibility to the artist to create as they like. The game's story and movements will all be generated from the map, so the map does have some impact.

    No tight time constraints, just within 6 months. It doesn't have to be very realistic, just informative. No scales and such.

    Island overview
    Just to get an overview of what the races would be like to give an idea of what the map would look like. Each would have their own territory, and spread out from there, so, their habitat would be in different parts of the map; e.g. humans north, goblins south, elves east, orcs west, dwarves middle.

    Elves - living in the trees: forests or jungle
    Humans - living at a plains area, near a river delta
    Goblins - came from the swamps
    Orcs - starting at a forested area, along a river
    Dwarves - mountains/hilly area

    I'd like it to be around full screen size - at least 1024x768 pixels, though a bigger one is fine; it could always be resized smaller.

    I hope it'd be an interesting concept for someone here to work with, especially those who like creating their own geography, and want to see the inhabitants react with what they created. Again, full credit to the map maker for it, the whole game is experimental artwork anyway.

    I could give more details if you like, just keeping this post short. Please e-mail me at smuzani [at] gmail [.] com, or just reply here if you have any questions

    Thanks in advance!
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