Some may remember I did a space map late last year which I entered into a contest here that was based off a large newsprint sized hand-drawn map. I've finally started getting into the programming side of the project and wheres what I have so far. I'm looking for input on what I may be missing or what you all might expect to see. I've used wikipedia, various edu sites and other places to see what would be handy.

The limit on data I can put in is only limited by how much I feel like entering by hand uing phpmyadmin.

The original map thread and info links are at:

My WIP space database using the data above:

"Most" of the details I do have are in Andromeda -> Milky Way -> Sol. Some of that data may seem familiar. A lot of other data is still missing however. There's still a few datasets I need to fix, but ill be fixing them on localhost before uploading the new database but its mostly functional right now.

Comments, criticism, complaints?