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    Post Hellooooooooooooo

    Well I joined this site because I want some pointers on creating a map for my D&D campaign setting I'm planning. Of course, I could have just read some tutorials, but I want the map to turn out really well as far as realistic terrain and geography. The map itself isn't as important as all geography being in the right spot, so some pointers and advice, as well as showing you guys how it looks as I start making it, would really be appreciated ^^

    If you guys don't think it would be too presumptuous of me to start a topic to get ideas rolling, then maybe I'll do that, cause obviously people who'd join a forum on fantasy cartography are gonna be the right type of people to confer with before and during the process of making my map.

    Well, anyway, now that that's out of the way: I'm Zac, I'm Canadian, and upon creation of my campaign setting I will officially become a double-nerd.

    I've decided to cast discretion to the wind and make my campaign setting loosely based around the Zelda world. Forest to the South, tundra and mountains in the far north, volcanic mountains to the West, a big desert, a big lake with water elves, plains in the middle, Castle town, Ganondorf, maybe even Link. I probably won't go so far as homebrewing Gorons and Zoras, I mean, there's a race of dwarves with stone-like skin and elves that breath underwater already, isn't there?

    So anyway, yeah, anyone who is interested in helping me out with ideas and stuff, it would be greatly appreciated, and, like I said, if it's ok if I make my own topic I'll do that. The map is really gonna be my first step, and once I've created it, I'll start going into more detail with smaller area and city maps.

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    Welcome to the guild, Nintendo fan

    Definitely create your own WIP (work in progress) thread and start tossing ideas around and ask for suggestions.
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    Start with a rough sketch and throw it out there for us to look at. Time, tips, and advice will refine it along the way. Welcome aboard.
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    Thanks guys ^^

    I'll whip up a sketch soon and start my WIP topic c:
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    Hi there. My advise is start a thread in the world/regional map forum with the name of your world and whatever you have to start with. You'll get plenty of advice and opinion.


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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys ^^

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    Welcome to the Guild, EH!
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    Welcome aboard, you land on the right place XD

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    Ok, if anyone's interested, I'm making my WIP topic now

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