I'm working on an old school adventure/source book that I plan on self-publishing. It is based on a town located in the valley of a mountain pass. This town is a merchant hub as traders pass through the mountain pass. One of the town's busy spots is the Inn of the Smiling Giant. I won't be adding a legend and room numbers until I finalize the write-up.

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The inn owner's grandfather was an adventurer who killed a hill giant and had him stuffed and magically preserved. The "smiling giant" is on display in the main common room (the star symbol). The ceiling of this room is very high to accommodate the size of the stuffed giant. The smell from the privy (ground level left hand corner) is kept under control via a minor magical item (also found by the owner's adventuring grandfather).

I have many more maps to draw and info to write before this project is finished but I thought I would share the maps of the inn.