Hello, I have decided to scrape up $50 dollar payment to generate some interest in the map. As well as try and get a better explanation of what is needed. So if you have seen my previous post (which I don't think was very clear), hopefully I can be more clear in this new post..

Time Constraints:

Looking for a realistic look, not really the antique drawn. Some examples of some styles I like are:

On this map, I do like the various climate regions. For example, they have a cold northern snowy region, temperate, desert. A wealth of rivers, lakes, etc is nice. Also, I like the forests, mountains, rivers & lakes.

Another map, this one is neat, but doesn't contain a clear desert area or a snowy cold area.

This one I really like the size (3100x3100), and the level of detail and variation when you zoom in. However, it doesn't contain enough climate diversity like the first example.

Description of the Map:

The world is flexible in a sense that we plan on making the locations of the game based on someone's talented cartography. it can be a section of a presumably unknown world like this: http://cache.gawker.com/assets/image...756_albion.JPG, OR be continents/islands (like the Adalia map)

For starters, we only need the geography: no need to put in locations, borders, roads, region titles, sea routes or anything like that. Perhaps a grid, and a decorative compass, other then that not much on top of the geography.

What we need the world to contain is, like most of the 3 example maps I linked to contain: coast lines, rivers, mountain ranges, forests, plains, a cold snowy region, and at least one major sized desert region. Also, some islands of small - medium size.

You as the mapper have the basic creative control over the world. The game is under a pretty big renovation and we are going to approach it wanting to just plan the locations and geography based on a realistic looking random terrain. Kinda like rolling for stats on a character, only in this case its the world map. The towns, dungeons and other locations aren't really visible from the world map view.

*If no layout, or terrain explanation is really big turn off to potential mappers, please comment, and if need be I can try and narrow down a outline...

Quality & Size:
3100x3100 size on that Adalia map is nice, so preferable very high resolution similar to that. Square shape is nice.

Copyright: I would like to have the copyright of the map for commercial use. However if the artist wants to use the map for their gallery, personal use, tutorial, or something similar then that's fair.