So, Hi all, I am completely now one here.
I am 19 years old (or, as in the Office serial was said, 19 years young...).
I am from Slovakia, tiny little country in the middle of the Europe. I live in the capital, Bratislava.
I have played DnD-based game "Draci doupe" (literally translated as Dragon`s lair) for cca 8 years. But main reason why I joined this page is I just love maps. Especially the fantasy ones. I love fantasy books set in their own fantasy worlds with a map enclosed. Im looking forward to have a look at some great maps here, maybe also read some backstories
About my maps experiences:
I have done some maps so far, but all of them are drawn by hand by pencil. I am new and "noobie" with map-making softwares.
Few days ago I got to CC3, I saw a great tutorial on youtube and I am making my very first map these days.
So, that's me.