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    Post Hello hello...

    I'm a long time gamer, recent father and some how missed out on tabletop gaming for the first 28 years of my life. I'm coming to the guild as a first time DM, after getting a taste of D&D 4e as a PC this spring with some local friends. Local games are hard to coordinate though when everyone is married, working and has kids so my game is going virtual with some of the apps from RPTools.

    My rough plot is written, the characters are getting familiar and now I need maps to load onto my virtual tabletop. I have been tinkering with photoshop for about seven years now, so those tutorials seem pretty straight forward for continent/world level mapping. I'm thinking of picking up Dundjinni though for the actual tokens/PCs to play out the story on. I'd like to churn out street/dungeon level maps pretty quickly so starting from scratch in photoshop seems laborious.

    In any case from what I have seen the community seems really helpful and the featured maps on the front page look amazing. Glad to be here and I hope to contribute.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome and have fun.
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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