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Thread: The City of Dir'ht - by Karithina

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    Post The City of Dir'ht - by Karithina

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    The city of Dir’ht once spanned the entirety of Dir’ht Bay. It was a thriving city of trade and was one of the widest-ranged manufacturer of any city in the surface world.

    This was until Nefaswrythen reached the sewers below the town and began to lay ruin to it, and it’s civilians. Buildings crumbled under the war of the parasite-infested against the clean, and buildings fell as tunnels were dug until they became caverns.
    As the people began to rebuild, measures were put in place to restore it in a safer manner, separating it from the sewers. Thick metal plates covered the ground, and large steel walls towered and surrounded the city.

    Nobody ventured into the sewers, not even under pay, and all pipes leading to the sewers were used with extreme caution. The city was placed under complete lock-down, and became entirely self-sufficient out of fear of the outside, and under world.

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