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    Wip practice map

    Working on a new style that I haven't used before. Just wondered what people thought. I've been inspired by many of the maps I've seen here, but all the textures on this one are my own, or standard Photoshop. All done in CS2.

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    Well, it looks pretty good. I like the land and the way the rivers look like they were carved from the land. Certainly like the forests and mountains as well. The mountains do stick out a lot at the moment and that doesn't seem fully natural. Not sure if it's the grey color or the lack of hills gently introducing the mountains.

    I don't like what I think is ice to the northeast.
    Also not too fond of the ocean texture.
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    For the mountains, I would go with a brown color that fades from the green, and just do a few snow caps in white. I also think that they are a bit too strong.

    With that said, I like the style of this map. The ground color is good, and the ocean is good. The rivers are natural looking and work very well. Looking forward to more.

    Oh, I agree with Gandwarf about the area to the NE. I can't tell what that is supposed to be.

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