I don't mean I want to buy your maps. I mean, do you have quality maps that game masters could use in their own campaigns?

Do you have historic map recreations of actual places like ancient Rome, Alexandria, Athens.

Do you have maps ready for use in ShadowRun, DnD, BT, Aces & Eights, any specific campaign world, any non-specific/generic fantasy or otherwise maps, maybe its time to share it with the world and get paid a license fee.

Gamer Printshop now has an RPG Map POD shop - currently with 12 to Midnight, Modern Floorplans D20 maps, soon to offer GM Syndicate Maps, Goodman Games Maps, and others.

Signup and Product Data forms are almost ready. Signup is free. There are no monthly fees or transaction fees. Cartographer/publisher assigns license fee, which is added to cost of printing with optional laminating. Currently using Paypal only in a secure Ecommerce site.

I need account signups and you need recognition and a paycheck - check us out, please!