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Thread: Kaidan: the Gift (Part 1) now available!

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    Info Kaidan: the Gift (Part 1) now available!

    Gamer Printshop and Dementia 5 Publishing has just published the first installment of a three part introductory mini-campaign for Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting, called The Gift: Part 1

    The Gift - what begins as a simple escort of a gift to a powerful lord in a foreign land leads to a series of uncanny events that risk more than the lives of a party of adventurers, rather the fate of their eternal souls. Deceit, vengeance and dark revelations follow the party as they explore a dark fantasy world called Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting. Kaidan is a breathtaking empire of samurai, ninja and undead lords rich in legend, culture and nightmares.

    The Gift is a mini-campaign arc and an introduction to Kaidan, a dark fantasy setting of oriental myth and gothic horror. It is a world sure to make the bravest adventurer’s blood run cold.

    The Gift: Part 1 - features 13 full color maps (by yours truly), dozens of illustrations by Mark Hyzer and Simon Turnbull, and cover art by Jan Pospisil. The adventure was co-written by Michael Tumey (me), Andy Champagne (publisher), and Andrew Chirgwin (Juggernaut1981)

    For the first 30 days of sales, for a limited time, you can download The Gift: Part 1 PDF for only $3.99 (regular price will be $7.99)

    The adventure is available from all the major RPG online stores, however, I only earn partial income from those sources, however I earn 100% of the profit from purchases from my Kaidan website, so please purchase from the following link:

    Kaidan: The Gift - Part 1 Order Page

    Its cheap, its my first publication, I hope you like it - please order to make it all worthwhile!

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