Hey guys!

First off I have been looking around this site and seen a lot of kewl stuff. I am not an artist my self so everything you guys do here just freaking amazes me.

Im wondering if you guys know any good sci fi out door tiles, something like planet colonys and stuff. I am making a webbased browser game that is one of those build your own civ type game.

I am an experienced programmer and have already started handling most of the tasks required coding wise.

I am just kind of stumbling through the art at the moment. If someone has any idea where I could find some good type tiles for space,planets,ships, colony buildings. Stuff like that man you have no idea how much it would help out!

If anyone out there would be willing to do something custom, let me know. I dont have much money but maybe I can pay, if your willing to donate time though that would be even better!

Thanks alot