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    Question Request for planets

    Ok, so maybe you guys have gotten questions like this, maybe not... and maybe I'm putting this in the completely wrong section... this is the first time I've ever been here for forgive me if that's the case... lol

    But anyway, I play a game called NationStates... donno if any of you have heard of it.

    In it, I "own" a number of planets. I'm curious if anyone can help make basic maps of a few of them...

    I don't exactly have them mapped out, however, they're all terrestrial, earth-like planets.

    -Titanus is one of them, and is very large (6.24 Earth Masses), glowing orange. Five continents, the land covering 38% of the planet. Many islands ranging from tiny to Iceland sized. Terrain: Tundra, Mountains, plains, hills, oceans, lakes; lowlands, rivers, deserts, arctic, tropical, forests.

    -Parcep is another one of them. 40% land, and 1.05 Earth Masses. Terrain various with its poles very arctic. Four primary continents with many small islands. The center of a mix of tropical and deserts. Mountains dominate one of the continents while another has two massive mountain ranges. The largest continent has one massive one cutting it in half diagonal from NE to SW.

    I know they're left pretty open, and creativity can do the rest as I don't have them mapped out in my mind. Just lemme know if anyone can help me out on that... and I might be back in the future for more mapping help. If you guys can help, that'd be awesome! They don't need to be incredibly detailed, but quality - I can do stuff in MS Paint but I want better than that. LOL

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    There is a Planet-making tutorial available in the Tutorial Forum. You might check that out and give it a go on your own.
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