Well guys...I got to spend a little more time on things this weekend...I've figured out finally what was wrong with the RSS feed that was controlling the featured map on the homepage, and that problem is now resolved...the featured map is now actually on the homepage.

I've fixed a little problem with the header image that Pyrandon pointed out

A new version of vbulletin is out already, so I'll be upgrading the site sometime within the next couple of days...if you show up and the site is closed temporarily, thats why.

I haven't spent any time working on an award graphic for the mapping challenge winners because there is a mod out there that actually is an award system, and lets you grant awards to people that will show up on their posts and profiles...I will then be able to grant multiple awards for each win, which is great because if you win more than once, you can have two of the same award...I'll also be able to grant one award for mapping challenge winners and a separate one for feature map submitter.

I'd like to thank everyone for continuing to participate on the site and helping to make this place become the best mapping community out there...we'll get there soon folks! I know it!