To whom it may concern:

I am currently looking for a set of maps for use on Wizards "Wiki" page as a means of featuring some original content to compliment a campaign setting I am in the process of developing.

Please consider the pros and cons of this project seriously before responding.

WotC states in their end-user agreement that they gain all rights to use, distribute, and promote their website and any content using whatever has been posted on the forums...which includes my Wiki, anything you submit, etc.

As for the setting itself: Our story focuses on the remains of a world, torn asunder and shattered by the forces of primordial nature whom are laying dormant until the need for their arrival comes into play. At the center of all of these myriad islands lies a massive force of energy, spinning like the vortex of a whirlpool. It's center is hungry, pulling at what's left of the world with deadly gravity and pulverizing whatever collapses into its center.

Elsewhere, scattered between the various land masses, Are mighty pillars of pure elemental energy. Rumored to possess the life force of long forgotten deities, these fonts spill powerful, endless energy across all of the realm.

I have more details, but I'd rather discuss this further via e-mail. Please send all potential submsissions to:

Thank you so much for your time and patinence regarding our website!

Warm regards,