Hey everyone, I figure as I have been doing some lurking and reading through the fantastic tutorials and ogling all the fantastic maps I had better drop a hello post.
My name is Jessica, I am 20 and live in Adelaide Australia. I spend my leisure time drawing, writing and world building. I first started cartography when I was about 10, with a terribly drawn world map for a story I was writing. Since then my hobbies have combined to build a fantasy world which I spend way too much time in.
What brings me here? Well recently I started re-working all my old hand drawn maps (the style was rather simple and several were damaged). I thought I would give computer drawn maps a go. I armed myself with the latest version of gimp, some basic tutorials and the basics of my maps...and soon found myself in way over my head!

So...I shall lurk around here for a bit and see how I go learning the ropes.
Might go post my first computer map attempt while I'm at it too...

Anyway, sorry for the long post, looking forward to getting to know you all