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Thread: [taken][paid]Old School Hex Map Symbols

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    Post [taken][paid]Old School Hex Map Symbols

    Paid, please send me an email (see below) or PM to discuss rates. Licensing/ownership (see below) can affect mutually agreed on rate.

    Time Constraints
    • Within 2 weeks: I select an artist to work with and give direction for what I like and don't like.
    • 2-3 weeks from start: Map Symbols delivered. During that time I hope to get some of them to provide feedback or ask for tweaks. Please don't send all of them on Friday of the 3rd week.

    • I am looking for a map symbols in the old school Mystara multi-colored hex map style for my Hexographer software. The current website and software includes symbols in this style:
    • But these symbols are probably still too close to the originals. If you have an idea that takes these symbols and innovates beyond them, please include that in your requested samples. (See below.)

    Description of Map
    • The link above shows a sample of the current icons. I'm looking for something reminiscent of these but not as close to the original TSR icons.
    • Samples of the original symbols can be found by searching for "Mystara Maps" or if you have some of the late 80's early 90's TSR stuff.
    • I'll be asking for approximately 30 map symbols, maybe a few more than that depending on how easily I can combine your hills and light forest icons to make "forested hills" (for example.)

    Quality & Size
    • Please submit 4 sample symbols in the style(s) you're proposing. Pick 2 Terrain (mountains, forest, grasslands, marsh etc.) and 2 Feature symbols (city, town, castle, tower, battle, mines, etc.).
    • Feel free to make 3 of the 4 samples an iterative improvement over the originals and make just one that shows off a more unique style. (Of course, you can send more than just 4 samples, but I'm trying to not make too much work on you.)
    • If you have a website/prior work that does a good job of showing off the proposed style please send/link that. If you think that shows how well your symbols would turn out, you don't need to send the samples requested above. (Again, trying to save you work.)
    • Professional or semi professional. The samples will really drive my decision.
    • The software is intended to allow the maps to scale so they may be printed at relatively large sizes. Therefore, each symbol should be a 250x250 pixels, transparent PNG. (You can use any image format you want, but please convert them to PNG.) Do not include a background color. Also because these are displayed in hexes, stay about 10% away from the edges, especially the corners.
    • If your originals will be vector, let me know. Although my software (Hexographer) only supports .PNG, vector graphics are nice.

    My intent is to open these icons up for anyone to use. So you'll be able to use them going forward (even if you're not using Hexographer) but I and others will be free to use them, including commercially. We may be able to add a creative commons attribution license however. Basically, my need is to use them in the software and allow others to use them in their maps, which may be sold commercially. Please let me know what your copyright concerns are.

    (remove the ----at---- obviously, or send a pm.)

    Please post questions/requests for clarification.
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    I've gotten a few submissions so far from here, and a few from another posting. Thanks! I plan to make a decision next Wednesday/Thursday. (So keep them coming if you're interested.)

    One think I'd like to clarify is that the icons are often scaled down by the software to about 28x28. People often edit the maps at this resolution. So ideally, the graphics should look nice at that size and still look good/acceptable at 250x250. The reason for 250x250 is that some users may want to enlarge/zoom the map for 1 inch hexes and printing at 300 dpi.

    At this point I don't want to use two icon sets. The icons currently in the software achieve this (look good at 28x28 and 250x250) mostly because of their simplicity and large brush strokes.
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    I had several submissions and narrowed it down to 3 finalists. Thanks everyone! Those finalists have been paid to do another set of 4 samples based on my (and a couple of others') critiques.

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