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Thread: [taken][unpaid]Fantasy/GamePitch (Independent Development). Guide Map Provided.

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    Post [taken][unpaid]Fantasy/GamePitch (Independent Development). Guide Map Provided.

    Time Constraints



    Tear Style


    Huge; Well at least a resolution of 1200x1200. I don't want ask for something that is too big... as I am not openly putting up a commission. The more detail I have, the better labeling will go when it comes to marking Landmarks and writing the stories around them.

    Description of Map

    Basic Drawing of Geography/Main Features

    I made the features Quite Large for representation. The Circular Mountain Chain with the lakes and River is a must, it's the main focus of the Game as that is the Faction where the player would start. The idea is the mountain range is impassable other than by a network of mines/caves in the mountains and a bridge that was constructed alongside a deep crevasse/canyon located somewhere else along the mountain chain (the bridge has been destroyed. As of now in the story, it is simply lore).

    The Peninsula at the bottom right of the map is also a must, the shape was random, so I don't mind about that. As for the other Mountain Chain, I don't mind about that or any others that may improve the realistic nature of the map. The previous sentence also applies to rivers and lakes... eventually everything on the map would be thrown into the game.

    The Desert is a must also.. it's location and size can be changed but, it does need to around the Circle Mountain Chain. Via the game's lore, the Desert itself used to be fertile but during the formation of the Circle Mountain Chain, the land that is now the desert was depleted of most vegetation and water.

    Other than the Desert being by the Circular Mountain Chain and the Penisula, everything else is open for manipulation. The Map will eventually have about fifteen factions on it.

    Technical Details about the Contract

    If I can get my other two investment partners interested in the games development, the person that is doing this map will be paid and possibly even offered a contract of sorts (as we will need maps for cities, dungeons and the sort). I am not going to promise anything though as that would be arrogant of me. The Map is going to be used as a reference, so the better it is, the better the end result of the finished story will be. You will get credit for the map, wherever it ends up going w/ a website of your choice as a web link.

    With that said, I will be willing to answer any questions you have and I am extremely delighted that I can post a request on this forum without paying a commission upfront. Meh, I may even end up paying you after I see the finished product.

    If I am pm'ed requesting it, I am more than happy to share more information about the development via MSN Messenger or Emails. Thank You!
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