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Thread: Can I do this in FT Pro?

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    Post Can I do this in FT Pro?

    I have been struggling to find a way to export FT files satisfactorily as .jpgs.

    When I "save as" jpg, all I get is the portion of the world that's visible on screen (which is fine) in the same resolution as on screen (which isn't).

    I'd like to be able to save the screen image at say double the resolution so that the image doesn't pixellate when I blow it up.

    Is there any way I can do that?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Depending on what your actual goal is when exporting, there are a couple of options;

    Export as Sphere Image - Will export the entire world in Equirectangular format with (base on my experimentation) a max resolution of about 12000 x 6000

    Export as Multiple Files - If you only want to export what is currently being viewed, make sure that check box is checked, then use the multiple file option (html and jpgs). Decide on a number of levels to export (each level will be approximately twice the size as the level above it), set a number of files horizontally and vertically, then set a resolution (say 516 or so) with no or very low overlap. Set your directory for export, then let FTPro do its thing. This will give you a number of images that you could stitch together to create a larger version with somewhat less pixelizing.

    Perhaps Waldonrate (author of the FTPro software) will be along at some point, and he might know of a better way to achieve what your looking for.

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    Thanks, GW, for the rapid and helpful response! The first option achieves exactly what I wanted to do.

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