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    Wip Intruder Alert! - WIP encounter map...

    I seem to be having trouble working on just one map...especially when I have so many to get done. This map is for the first encounter in Curse of the Emperor's Stone (second one is here). In it, the PCs are onboard "their" ship late in the evening when two Lushou sneaks come aboard. This is really a "skill challenge" but could well turn into a combat encounter if the PCs make their checks to notice and locate the sneaks. The sneaks are looking for an artifact they believe has been loaded onto the ship (it's not there yet but they don't know that). The final will bear a "Family Circle" style (the Sunday paper comic strip...where the boy goes all over the neighborhood doing something and they use a dotted line to note his journey) path noting where the sneaks come aboard and travel to during their search.

    The ship is called the Scalante, out of Florennia (Italy-analog) and captained by Aldo Bonisi. It's supposed to be a caravel (see pic) but I had a heck of a time trying to find deck-plans for a ship. The only thing I managed to dig up was a WotC map from Stormwrack...and, of course, I don't really trust their research all that much. It's a fantasy game but I don't want to get it terribly wrong so, if any of you folks are old ship buffs, please feel free to correct me on any gross inaccuracies.

    I did the lines in Illustrator and imported that into Photoshop for some rough coloring. Labels are temporary as are the textures. Any comments or direction will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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