Heya everyone,

If some of you are like me, then you are so colorblind that your wife either purchases nothing but monochromatic clothes or chooses your daily wardrobe for you (my wife does the former, mixed in with a few pairs of blue jeans). It's a pain in the butt to be colorblind, especially when you're feeling artistic (I have a thread here where I made purple water--I thought it was a brilliant sapphire blue).

Like many of us who have been kicking around since the dust settled on the RPG world in the mid-70's, I use Crayloa crayons, colored pencils, and markers to hand draw and color all my maps. If I had a working scanner, some of them are remarkable.

I have since graduated to the digital age. But my maps are all greyscale because I can't see colors well enough to make an educated guess. If you are like me, fear not! I have found the hex and RGB codes for the 120 crayon Crayola pack! No more guess work!