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    Map Alternative Earth Map

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this map, as what I have here is not a world of my own making so much as a political map of an alternative version of our world in 2009. Nonetheless, I thought those interest in alternative history would be interested in seeing it.

    This world is dominated by three superpowers known as the Allies (blue), the Nubian Empire (yellow), and the Soviet Union (red). Territories not in control of any of the three superpowers are colored gray.

    The Allies control western Europe, Japan, Australasia, and most of North America. As their name implies, they are not one single nation so much as an alliance of nations, but they cooperate so closely together that they are regarded as one superpower nonetheless. The Allies claim democracy and capitalism as the ideologies that bind them together. They also possess the most firepower of the three superpowers, for they are the only one to have nuclear weapons.

    The Nubian Empire controls Africa, part of the Middle East, and some Mediterranean countries. They are by far the oldest of the superpowers, having existed for over three millennia. The Nubian Empire is ruled by a monarch, the Pharaoh, who is considered to be a god in the flesh. This belief that the Pharaoh they serve is divine gives the Nubian military an almost religious fanaticism unequaled in strength. The Nubians are also the economically most prosperous of the three powers, in part because of the natural wealth of the land they control as well as their long history of commerce with the outside world.

    The Soviet Union controls most of Asia and eastern Europe. The Soviets claim to be communistic, but they would be more accurately described as totalitarian, with the ruling party having control of almost every aspect of the society. The Soviets rule over by far the largest population of the three superpowers, which means that they can field larger armies.

    All three superpowers fight each other for control of the entire world, but each offers a different justification for their expansionism. The Allies claim to want to bring democracy and capitalism to the rest of the planet, the Nubians cite the authority of the gods, and the Soviets say that they want to bring about a global Revolution that will overthrow the capitalist and feudalist oppressors of working people the world over. Cynical observers argue that each faction just wants the same thing: total power over the planet.
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