Hi everyone. I'm a long time lurker here in the community, and although I've never contributed any work, I've certainly admired what comes out of these boards.

The reason I'm writing is the following... I run a D&D blog called NewbieDM where I try to help new DM's with tips, tricks, tutorials, and other stuff to run a better D&D game. One of the areas I'm seriously lacking in is mapping advice, since I have no artistic abilities beyond a simple sketch here or there.

So, I'm looking for a guest blogger to fill that gap, and I figured I'd ask at the place where the best fantasy cartographers hang out!

What I'm looking for is tutorials for three types of maps - a World Map, a regional map, and a battle map. I'm looking for not just tutorials on how to do it, but also the logic behind the choices in the map. Things like why rivers would go there, and mountains here.... that sort of thing.

If anyone would be interested in helping me out with this, shoot me an email at newbiedm @ newbiedm.com