Ok, firstly, a little question. Is the General Discussion forum the right destination for 'applied theory' on how to think stuff up for world building (and thus the basis of the map)?


On to the main topic. I was curious about how you guys define culture. I heavily borrow cultural elements from real civilizations and it's more like I ADAPT those civilizations, than making up new ones.

Now when for a change I actually am making up something entirely unique (still mainly by looking at real world references) I try to establish a feel for the culture. The first thing I would often think off is architecture. But when designing buildings (more or less, I'm no architect, I just want a feel, and something to show) I have quite some issues with getting a somewhat consistent architectural style. Another problem is getting other style elements, such as clothing, and cultural habits all to conform to one another.

Am I the only one thinking so much about this, and if not (probably) how do you keep cultural consistency? How do you define a culture for a country you made up?

I can't draw that well, so I mostly draw some examples of buildings (or find pictures of them if they are based on real buildings) and just stick to describing food, agriculture (or not), clothing and a few other cultural significant things. It's hard to keep it consistent though. So I was wondering if other people just skip this, or use cultures based on real ones, or think as much about it as I do.