Hi there,

This is a work on the map of the planet Andoria of Star Trek fame (but since it has no particular SciFi elements in it, I post it here).

The original map I started to work from is :

Click image for larger version. 

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published in the book "Among the Clans" by Last Unicorn Games and, as far as I know, this map is from Charles Ryan.

Then comes my current map :

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Done on Photoshop.

My two current problems (or practicing exercises ?) are :
  • Have relatively nice textures/effects for vegetation (it's too blurry now)
  • Have decent texts (it's quite decent when text is added horizontally but it looks ugly when rotated and/or resized down)

There is some liberty into interpreting the original map, which is coming with (scarce) geographical descriptions in the book. But I try to not drift too far.