Hi Folks,

I'm an avid RPGer, playing mainly RuneQuest / Gloranthan 3rd age. I also adore Call of Cthulhu, although we currently have no player group. I love good board games, strategy games, and wargames. I have been playing for 30 years now, and among my all time favourites are Magic Realm, ASL, Kingmaker and RuneQuest (since version 2)

I've been GMing RuneQuest a lot, somehow in our player groups that job always ended up with me. I have been making player aids by hand for years. Originally, back in the age when a PC was an ugly useless thing made by IBM and nobody had money enough to purchase an Apple and a printer, I used to write and draw my entire scenario by hand, in longhand. I still have a few of those lying around, all written in blue/red marker and pencil. These things look very amateuristic now, but they served us very well back in the last century.

I did evolve somehow, preparing scenario's in a more organized fashion as time went by. I am an avid member of Gnome Stew, and I am always looking to improve my GM skills.

Nowadays, I mainly draw maps with pen & ink, either colouring with aquarel pencils or using Photoshop. I have purchased Campaign Cartographer 3 about a year ago, and although I was not very impressed with it at the beginning, I have come to see and appreciate its strong points more and more. I like the speed and ease of creating a map, once you get the hang of the interface. But when I really want something precise, purdy and neat, it's time to get out those calligraphic pens and the silky paper. Always gets me in a good mood.

As you might have noticed, I am rather long winded, but I promise I'll try moderation