Hi All,
I have been a long time reader/viewer of these forums and am truly inspired by the work here!
I have been creating my own world on and off for some time now (years) and have run into a problem with the fractal terrains demo.
A number of years ago I created a map using FTPro demo on my old PC. I now have a new PC and need to relook at my world in FTPro just briefly, to view climate stuff (I exported a height map but not climate map!). But when I try to reinstall the demo it says I cannot install the program twice!

Because my PC is synced with the office servers, I suspect the registry key which remembers whether of not FTPro has been installed already has been copied to my new PC along with the rest of my workspace.

I'm not trying to get around the demo limitations to allow 'infinte use', but (as wonderful as the program is) I cannot justify purchasing the full version for one simple export.

Has anyone come across this before who can offer a suggestion as to what I might do?