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    Greetings everyone. I ran across this site some time ago (not sure exactly how long ago), and then recently re-acquired the address. I've been an avid map lover pretty much since I read my first fantasy novel that included maps in it (Lord of the Rings I believe). I've always loved the maps in the various novels I read, and then when I started DnD in the late 80s, I was overjoyed at being allowed to map out the dungeons. Alas, my skills are almost strictly underground dungeon map making. I've made one overland map almost 15 years ago and it included elements from a variety of map making styles I gleaned around the net and books I could find (ie, it's not pretty as can be seen in the attachment).

    I'm hoping to fine tune my skills, while learning how to make more than mere dungeon crawl maps (town, city, outdoor, overland, etc). This is the first I'm seriously investigating digital map-making skills, as even my dungeon maps were always drawn by hand. I hope to eventually clean up the map I've got attached and expand on it to include the rest of the continent it's on.

    Sorry, a bit of a winded introduction, which I guess is also something about me. That, and I tend to be major lurker.
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    Looks pretty darn good to even got the rivers right (that's a very good sign). Welcome to The Guild.
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    Not bad. Rootstangle Swamp? I like that. Let me be the first to rep you for leading with a map on your first post. Well played.

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    It isn't a bee-you-tea-full work of art, but it is a perfectly good map. You can you that as the basis for your first practice map and either follow (a) tutorial(s) or just experiment with GIMP and Inkscape on your own to find your own style. Either way, make WIP (work-in-progress) posts and you'll get feedback and suggestions.

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    Welcome Aboard, its a simple map, but some times simple is better.

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    Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. I've made multiple copies of the map. As I learn the tools available to me, I'll see what I can do with converting the map. I may not toss it into the WIP area just yet, as I'll probably use that for getting advice on the tools I'm learning first. Once I understand what I'm doing, I'll start toying with it in each of them to see which gives me the result I want most.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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