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    Post *** November 2009 Challenge - The Destroyed Lands ***

    This month's challenge is the "The Destroyed Lands" map suggested by Gamerprinter

    The goal is to map a place that was forever changed by a series of cataclysmic events. The impact op the cataclysm should be clearly visible, maybe even altering the terrain. It's up to you to decide if there's any survivors and what kind of life they now lead. Just remember, the more mayhem, the merrier.

    Some examples of possible maps:

    - A planet scorched by the sun.
    - A city overrun by demons from a portal.
    - A regional map depicting a huge crater left by a comet (or a moon?).
    - A world wrecked by a godly war.
    - The United States after the Zombie apocalypse.
    - Lands confronted by a new ice age.
    - Nuclear Armageddon.
    - Nature fighting back!
    - The human colonies after aliens blasted them all to smithereens.
    - A dungeon after Gromet and party visited it (certainly a cataclysm for the dungeon master )

    The challenge will end around the 25th of november.

    Please title your entry with the name of your map. For example: November Entry - The Day The Earth Stood Still
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