I'm a top-down worldbuilder, so now that I have my continent done I'm ready to zoom in and start detailing regions.

This is the next level of zoom on the Velaedin Empire, where most of the novel takes place. I'm branching out into a totally different style here; after drooling at Ramah's Vaniya/Aronbor maps I decided to make an attempt at a handdrawn map in the same vein. Plus, this is the type of map the folks who live here would probably have access to.

Here's the first rough. I have the inner border, coastlines, and rivers in, a paper texture so that the first line drawings wouldn't be all white before I started messing with color later, and I've started on the mountains. They're all handdrawn using Ironmetal's tutorial.

I'm a little concerned that I've overdone the mountain detail a bit. Does it look like it's going to be too busy once I go over everything with watercolor-ish color?