Hey all.

Thought I'd pop in here and introduce myself, though I've been a member here for a while; just not that active of one.

Name is Mike, and I'm currently living in South Carolina. I'm a game design enthusiast and am a big fan of cartography and anything to do with game art.

I'm also a "convert in progress" to GIMP. Having learned on and used Photoshop for a while, it's getting a bit expensive to keep current with that software, so I'm looking to move to Open Source instead. GIMP's a very nice app... though it's tough remembering to not use the shortcut keys I'm used to from PS :-p.

In addition, I'm using Blender 3D for that kind of work, and am also going to learn Inkscape for vector art.

So yeah... Open Source all the way for me. I'd be using Linux, too, if it had better all around software support for everything else I use.

I've purchased Campaign Cartographer and, while it's a very cool program, I just can't get completely comfortable with it.

In any case, I love the work being done by other members here and hope to create something approaching the level of quality I see. And of course, as I learn, if there's some trick or tip that I learn that I think might be helpful, I'll be sure to share it here.

So... nice to meet y'all, and nice to be here.

Looking forward to chatting with y'all in the forums!