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    So I am just starting out on my first map and ran into a stumbling point. The map is going to be for a hand out I use in an upcoming DnD game. I have played around with PRGMapMaker's brush' and they fit the style i'm going for perfectly, the only problem is the middle of this map is going to be cut through by a cliff. My utter lack of artistic skills have left me with no idea how to make a cliff. so my question is are there any cliff Brush's out there? Or a how to guide someone could point me too?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can you post what you have so far? It would help to know more about the style of map you are creating. Depending on wether it is symbolic(road atlas), illustrative(drawn), or graphic (painted - photographic) each will have their own techniques as well as the type of perspective used changes how features are created.
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    Agreed. If you can let us know what software you're using as well we should be able to point you in the right direction.

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    There is such a tutorial somewhere around here, and it's rather good, too!
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    Try looking at this - and if it doesn't fit your style - post what you got so we can see how to help
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    I stumbled upon this thread and was intrested . Im looking for the same thing in a "hand drawn" style ...

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