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Thread: Post Apocalyptia

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    Post Post Apocalyptia

    This is a post apocalyptic map inspired by a map made by Sapiento that was featured on this sight a while ago.

    USA was invaded by three super powers. The east coast was invaded by a european army, the west coast was invaded by an asian army, and the south was invaded by mexico with middle eastern backing. The war raged on for almost a decade and nuclear bombs were dropped on both coasts. When finally the war ended and the invaders were pushed out of North America, a shattered country was left. Almost immediately following the withdraw of all enemy troops, civil war broke out all over the country, which lasted for nearly 8 years. this is a map depicting north america a few years after the civil war ends.
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    Interesting...reminds me a bit of the "Fortress America" board game.
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    Hi, nice looking map! well done!

    Skeptical by nature, I automatically asked a few questions. This map is definitely believable, but I'd like to hear the story of how the following things happened:

    1. Why is the United States of York located north in what was before the war mainly french canada? i.e. let's say a grand war obliterated the US, why would the Quebequous (The french-oriented people north of new york) adopt an English name for their new nation? Since most of what used to be New York state (and all of New York City) is now in "New England Contam," the story needs to explain why York (an english name) ends up in french territory.

    2. What was the U.S. State of Virginia before the war is also mostly part of "New England Contam." Great Virginia is really mostly the Carolinas and inland deep south. Like above, this is not unbelievable, but I'd like to know the story.

    3. Finally, the rubble coast contains lots of the texas oilfields and part of the texas/louisiana refineries. A Republic of Texas moving north and west is definitely believable as a cultural consolidation/retreat of new mexico, arizona, colorado. But do the Republic of Texas and the Kingdom of Louisiana retain the oil? Why wouldn't a victorious invader like "Mexico backed by the Middle East" take over the oil production?

    Just some the idea and the map!

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    Interesting idea. I would like to see more detail, cities, battle locations for example.

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