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Thread: CC3 Scale Bar N Settings

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    Post CC3 Scale Bar N Settings

    I am making a new Overland Map, but it is just a small area 4W 6L Miles. And I can not get the Scale Bar N in CC3 to display the distance in Miles when it comes to anything under 10Miles. I would like to to read 0-1 Mile and it reads 0-0 when I finish setting up the empty map. I have been searching for hours and have come up with nothing. Is there a properties setting I can adjust to fix this problem? Thank you

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    I create a map like you, I had the standard scale, and everything is all right

    Perhaps, I didn't understand exactly what's wrong for you?
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    Instead of creating the scale bar at time of creation, add it later. You can then resize it easily and put in the distance you want because CC3 won't automatically do it for you

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    Or, just do Like I do,and make your own.
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