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Thread: Athasian Cartographers Guild.....

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    Link Athasian Cartographers Guild.....

    The Athasian Cartographers Guild is a group of mappers that have taken on the task of mapping out the entire world of Athas, which is the setting of D&D's Dark Sun Campaign. What they've completed so far is quite impressive, and you can view their efforts by going to:

    All the maps are .psd format, so you'll need Photoshop or a viewer capable of recognizing .psd images (such as Quivi or Irfanview in order to see them.

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    Or my personal favorite (freeware for personal use, no nags, no adware, no spyware) Faststone Image Viewer

    Also converts, scale, and corrects in batch, allows image annotation, etc.

    -Rob A>

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