I originally wanted to do a compass rose based off a snowflake - but then discovered photoshop elements does not allow me to easily draw strait lines!

So here is my first draft. There are still a few elements I need to add, some cleaning up to do, and I have to redo some of the rope as it is not completely opaque. (I have a habit of setting the background to some color while drawing so as to catch stray marks - but then when I turn it off I realize that the opacity of my work is all off and half of it is still partially transparent.)

I wanted to incorporate stars and rope, and found ways to add both which made me happy. Unfortunately, the stars are not very visible as such if the image is shrunk to less than a couple of inches, so this compass rose would ideally be made for much larger maps. It actually works quite well at small sizes, but the stars are not noticeable.

I placed it on a parchment color background, as posting it without a background it turned out on a black background which I disliked. I am not very familiar with the PNG format yet. Time willing, I will finish it and place it on an actual map.