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Thread: The Red Epic, maps for Wizards of the Coast

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    Map The Red Epic, maps for Wizards of the Coast

    Hey all, my work for Wizards of the Coast was published so i am now legally allowed to show what i came up with for them. If you get a chance try and check out the Dungeon November issue E-zine where these are in. Crits and comments welcome as always!

    You all have been very supportive of my work in the past, and if it wasn't for some of your praise/crits/support and even business/clientel, i'm not sure i f i would have made it to the level i am at right now in my work.

    Thanks everyone
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    Checked your work on the web and ... in one word: awesome! realy love your style. have some rep.

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    Nice stuff. I'm glad to see Wizards branching out a little from their standard look and feel.

    Do you make your own textures/grunge brushes? Any chance of a tutorial on your style? It would be interesting to see. I don't think anyone else uses white quite like you.

    Thanks for another interesting post.

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    Praise Fantastic

    Your maps have a sense of flow and energy about them. This is an unexpected find, I never seen maps like these before. Fantastic Job!

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    Excellent work, my good fellow. These would look fine on the pages of a WotC-published work.
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    Good Lord man! These are fantastic

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    Love them, especially the city stuff. Always need more City if only WotC would put them out in Miniature Scale!
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