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Thread: [taken]Big Iron Vault requesting for a World Map with possible follow up work

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    Post [taken]Big Iron Vault requesting for a World Map with possible follow up work

    Hello everyone, we are looking for a cartographer to produce a world map (landscape 8.5" x 11") in electronic format that is print quality. 300 DPI and either in PSD or TIFF is ideal for our purposes.

    The image will be printed in greyscale, but we prefer it in colour as we may offer it on our website!

    This map is for a role-playing game that we are working on right now. (Please visit, our facebook fan page or twitter page to learn more about our small company.) This game is due by May 2010. However, the world map must be done by Feb - which gives the cartographer more time if we need further work. Usually because he/she has astounded us with their talent!

    Because of the nature of the work, I will require all rights transferred to BIV for commercial use and any other exploitation rights. However, as part of our policy, we will grant the artist the right to use the map in their portfolio for their own personal promotion.

    In addition, we are very good at giving credit were credit is due - it is the foundation of which our company is built upon. Because of this belief we've had the great pleasure of gaining support from some great luminaries in the business and thus we want to live up to expectations.

    Map Details:

    Style - we are looking for "hand-drawn" style colour maps that an adventurer may scribble together. The RPG is an agressive, yet dark humour game that does require some quirky-ness in all its art. In order to gain better perpective on the interior art style that we wish to remain consistent, please take a look on our website to see samples of interior art from our artist El Garing. We are also big fans of Robert E Howard.

    Here's links of some quickly thrown together maps from my old old campaign. I'd like to give the artist as much leeway as they need! At this time we're looking for the just the continential map (M1.jpg) everything is just for reference.

    Description - the world map will be a single continent map with approximately 7" x 8" inches of landmass on a 8.5" x 11" wide page. (See sample map of Hyborea The majority of elements on the map will be mountains, grassland, forests and hills and of the same scale as the sample map.

    Contact - As I do not have enough posts here to receive PMs, please send me an e-mail: admin at bigironvault dot com , with links to samples that you may have. Please do not send emails with attachments greater than 500kb.

    References - I have not requested much work here but I am very active in recruiting at, previous artists I have used are Ray Dillon, Lanny Liu, El Garing, Dewald Hein. They will be more than happy to provide references on our professionalism.

    Renumeration - I'd like to think that we're easy to deal with and are willing to negotiate/barter beyond simple dollars. As for payment only contracts, we are a small company still and will make our decision from an affordability standpoint. However, there is great opportunity for further work, city maps, region maps etc.

    Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!


    Big Iron Vault
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    Good to see you on here! (this is Greg, Alex's friend from FB)

    If there is anywhere you can find some great fantasy cartographers, its here. While I'm quite predisposed to do a whole world, there are plenty of people who are more then amazing when it comes to map making here.

    Hope we get to see the world come to life on these very threads!
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    Quote Originally Posted by loogie View Post
    If there is anywhere you can find some great fantasy cartographers, its here. While I'm quite predisposed to do a whole world ...
    Yes, it's going to be cool but it's really an orientation map that I'm after... general directions and locales. I COULD do it myself but between the magazine and the RPG I don't have a lot of time to do that.
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    I think a general outline or sketch or something like that would help a lot.
    If you are developing an RPG line there must be some things buzzing around in your mind.
    Even something as vague as "Some Kingdom here that does this and some Kingdom there that does it the other way" would help a lot.
    Maybe a rough pencil sketch? Or a description?
    It's a lot easier to suggest changes to an existing outline than not knowing what you are looking for at all.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Hi Greg! It's funny but it was Alex's recent photo post that got me thinking - man I got to get them maps done! The copy for the RPG is really coming to an end and its starting to be interior art/layout time. Maps of course is essential for any RPG!

    Have you been by the website or checked us out lately? We just finished an interview with Ed Greenwood - awesome guy and super fun.

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    I've uploaded some pics to our website.
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    Added some sample pictures from my campaign which I quickly tossed together - looking to turn these into things that I can be proud to publish.

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    Hi everyone we have found a Cartographer for this task. Thanks to everyone for looking!

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