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Thread: In need of criticism

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    Wip In need of criticism

    I joined this place a long time ago but never really did anything. Received a friendly reminded about account inactivity so I thought it would be great to drop by and maybe even post something. So here is my work.

    It is not great, nor good in my opinion. Just a little something I did. If someone has an opinion I would love to hear it.

    These maps are in no way complete and certainly lack parts maps ought to have. However they are still mine and I think that's what matters.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Human continent1.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Northdel.jpg 
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    I quite like that first one, nice job.
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    re: In need of criticism

    Ok. Your feet are too big and I think you better wash your hands.

    Why don't you tell us what you were trying to achieve with the maps. I like them but I don't really know what you were aiming at. Are they supposed to be aged and battered?

    The look a little like they are each two layers - a cleaner paper landmass on a grunge background. I think they'd be cool as a sculpture of balsa\parchment on dirty blue metal.


    PS. I dont know about your feet but I think we all should wash our hands .
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    I like the style, and the very saturated blue. The black level of the mountains appears to be a little darker than the trees; I think it would look better if the mountains were lightened just a little bit.

    The compass rose doesn't really match the rest of the map. Also, I'm not sure about orienting the directions as you did adds anything to the map. It's confusing and doesn't convey any additional information, so I'd leave all the letters upright.

    Be careful that your labels don't intersect with other lines of similar color, as that reduces legibility.

    Nice work, I hope you keep at it!
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    Looks pretty good I think! Have some rep.
    Are the thin grey lines rivers? If so, you might be in trouble with the river police
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    These are pretty good go far (especially the first one), I think you have a pretty good idea for layouts etc.

    But, as Sigurd said, give as bit of info on what you are trying to achieve and we should be able to send you off in the proper direction.
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    i think they look quite good.

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    Good maps there - welcome. Definitely a better late than never intro

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    I like them too. Nicely done. That blue is very vibrant.

    Have some rep!
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    I really like the first one, it's very beautiful.

    My only complaints are that the compass feels too modern for the map and the lines emanating from each point are a tad too dark.

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