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Thread: Geographical theory.

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    Post Geographical theory.

    I'm am planning on starting a new fantasy themed world map soon, but I was wondering if I could find some sites and other resources on geographical/geological theory that might help in the development of realistic coast lines, mountains, rivers, and forest.

    Type of questions that I am looking for answers to are:

    What are the affects of winds on the erosion and deposition of rocks and minerals on coast lines?
    What causes rivers to form and in what directs would they travel in, besides down?
    How much do tectonic plates affect the formation of continents, and how are they themselves formed and shaped?
    What controls the directs and amount of force that tectonic plates have?

    And as a side note, what, in the individual opinions of the people reading this, is the most realistic and geologically accurate fictional map?
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