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    Hi! I started to run Star Wars Saga Editon game and some Star Wars specific objects would be great. The only thing, in contrast to Clone Wars topic, I need them from Old Republic era. Mostly they are the same, but Vehicles look slighlty diffrent. The first I need is the KT-400 carrier. but other things would be also appriciated. If looking for what should be needed, looks on this list of vehicles or weapons from here. Thanks! []

    This is rather open project, so no money for it. I will try myself to extract elements from Saga "Galaxy Tiles".

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    Over the last few years I've made a number of unofficial maps for the Star Wars Miniatures skirmish game. If you're using minis for your campaign you can probably find some full battlemaps and adapt them for your game.

    A list of all the Star Wars themed maps I've made to date:

    Plus I've made a handful of SWM-compatible maps with a friend of mine; If you decided to go the battlemap route you can our 8-map pack for a pretty good price. More info:

    And finally, there's an ongoing thread on the Wizards Star Wars Minis forums with map elements. If you're looking for generic speederbikes and some stuff to expand your galaxy tiles look here:
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