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Thread: maps for Revenge of the Giants

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    Help maps for Revenge of the Giants

    I'll admit right up front: I have no artistic ability, and I think what many of you do is absolutely incredible, and I would like to be able to do what you guys can do with these map creations.

    I would ask if someone, who has nothing better to do, could help in making MapTools-ready maps for the Revenge of the Giants adventure. I'm getting ready to do a PbP for it, and I am having a hell of a time in getting the pre-made maps to work in Maptools. They just don't fit, with the grids created by the program, and no matter how I try and work it, I'm failing miserably.

    Someone there suggested I come here, and meekly ask for help. Which I'm doing.


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    I know diddly about MapTool so I can't help ya there but I just wanted to say "Go Mountaineers"...I was born at WVU hospital. There are quite a few others here who know what they're doing with MapTool so I'm sure that they'll be along sooner or later.
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    My group will be getting to Revenge of the Giants in the future here too (next adventure on deck). Sadly, none of us are artistic either. We've had great success getting maps from here for the other adventures we've done.

    So, thanks for all the work thus far from the talented crew here and here's us begging for maps from this adventure.

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    I'm also desperately looking for some Revenge of the Giants maps. It would be wonderful!

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    Bump...anyone?...I have some map making software, but am clueless as to how to use it.

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    I would love to help but unfortunatly am not able to as I will be playing that scenario as a player soon...
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    Hey, email me, devinnight (at) att (dot) net
    I can probably help you out.

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