So... I am trying to build some subterranean tiles for use in Maptool. These tiles will be various sizes but will always be some unit of either 50 or 100 (not sure which yet. To make matching up each tile correctly, work, I need to make sure that each line on the canvas edges is always snapped to the guide/grid at the unit of measure (either 50 or 100 depending on the base size I choose of course).

The question is how to best accomplish that. I did my first test using paths and this works really well for snapping to the grid for the end points and is good for a general shape. However, the shape is just too smooth overall when the line is stroked. Just not enough control to "easily" get lots of craggy bits. Unfortunately, the free select tool which would be perfect, but it does not snap to the grid in any way.

Don't get me wrong, the use of the path tool does allow the production of a somewhat nice effect, but I just want the created line to have more character. Then I will fill with a few background colors and shadow and poof, I have a tile. Wash rinse repeat...

I was just wondering if I was missing something within GIMP to get this done.... I believe I have heard that this is fairly easy in Inkscape, but I would really prefer not to have to switch back and forth to make the 100 or so plus items and I am looking at creating.