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    Wip Lormwen

    Okay so I think I'm starting to get how to make mountains with the bevel tool, though I cant seem to get them to blend in with the ground. I still also want to add some cities and such. Otherwise, here's some lore o_O

    The mainland region of Lormwen has been under the control of the elves for the past 3000 years. Recently, within the past 300 years, humanity appeared from the west in massive ships, and established a naval empire on the islands of Tol Lona and Tol Andu. The elves, fearing invasion, have spent the past three centuries launching relentless assaults on these human nations.

    10 years ago a rabbitoid race, known as the Tharan, began a series of their own assaults on the elven cities in the forests of Aurithorn and Sylverthorn. The elves were quickly overrun due to the Tharans' massive numbers, as well as the fact that most if the elvish military was on a campaign against the human empire.

    With news of the Tharan invasion, the elvish navy abandoned the naval campaign and are now working on securing the grasslands and cities along the coast. However, in the confusion, the elves are no longer united, and have fragmented into the three elvish nations of Ceneluhn, Anduluhn, and Grathluhn.

    At the moment, the Humans and the Tharan are coordinating efforts to bringdown elvish rule, and to enslave the elves for trade across the western sea.
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