Hello, everyone.

I've been lurking this forum for a couple weeks now: posted a reply here and there, but nothing much. Now I noticed this board and decided to introduce myself.

I'm Alexandre, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Used to play RPG as a teenager and back then got quite interested in map-making, even though I did all my work in paper & pencil.

Well, life came rushing and I abandoned mapping altogether for a whole decade. Actually, not altogether: I kept interested in learning how the geographical features are formed and things like that, although I didn't put much work into it. The ones I got interested for the most part were deserts: For some reason I always felt fantasy-map's deserts are somewhat odd-placed, and after reading quite a bit about them it turns out they indeed are odd placed

Recently, around one month ago, I decided to find a new hobby because of working too much and getting stressed, so I figured I could just give map making a try once more, now with the aid of computers. And here I am.

I liked what I see in this forum a lot, and there are so many skilled people around that it's been more interesting to simply watch you guys work than work on my own maps

Anyways, that's all. *waves*

Oh, and I forgot to tell you: I use mostly GIMP for my recent attempts at map-making techniques, although occasionally I get to use photoshop on a friend's computer to make textures and things like that (I still have a lot to learn in GIMP). Unfortunately I don't own a photoshop copy