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    I've been away for so long, but in the time of need
    there's only one place to go, cartographer's guild (oh look, it rhymes)
    Good to be back.

    So my 2 questions are about photoshop.
    1. Can anyone provide a quick way to create the shining effect from the sun in photos?

    2. Sometimes when the sun falls on a window creates an elliptical shape with rainbow colors. Do you have any hint about how to create it.

    Samples of the effects in the two pics.
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    I believe those are referred to as lens flares.

    Photoshop has a few basic ones built in, but there are a few plugin filters that make nice ones. One of the Kai's Powertool plugins has a very configurable (and highly recommended) filter for that, but last I checked it would cost a bit of money.

    Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time right now to do a comprehensive search to give a list, but will give you a good start..

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    Airbrushing, blend modes, gradients, or opacity tweaks is what I would use. I do just about zero photo work, though...very rarely on stuff for my sis and nieces.
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    Yeah, lens flare plug-in should get you most of the way there. A large, soft paintbrush with low opacity would let you do it by hand as well. For the rainbow effect I'd use a gradient and opacity/blend modes.

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    Thank you all. By mentioning the name of the effect you've saved me a lot of time.
    I finally managed to have an effect very close to what I wanted. Sorry for the delayed answer but lately work doesn't leave much free time.

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