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  • Large Hadron Collider Goes Crazy - by euio

    11 19.30%
  • Survivor's Map - by Juggernaut1981

    2 3.51%
  • Real Science - by Immolate

    9 15.79%
  • The Sundered Lands - by cereth

    26 45.61%
  • Planet Skaro - by rdanhenry

    0 0%
  • Fort Waialua - by mearrin69

    3 5.26%
  • Zamora's Bane - by Steel General

    4 7.02%
  • Qonworld - by Djekspek

    35 61.40%
  • Atlantis City after the Athenaic Little Counterstrike - by Sapiento

    12 21.05%
  • A Vulcan Winter - by Greason Wolfe

    2 3.51%
  • Venus Bombarded - by Wormspeaker

    5 8.77%
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Thread: *** November 2009 Challenge VOTING - The Destroyed Lands ***

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    Post *** November 2009 Challenge VOTING - The Destroyed Lands ***

    VOTE FOR 2 (TWO)
    November Thumbnails

    Thank you to all the participants for their efforts and entries. Let the voting begin!

    Summary of the rules for this month's challenge:

    The goal is to map a place that was forever changed by a series of cataclysmic events. The impact op the cataclysm should be clearly visible, maybe even altering the terrain. It's up to you to decide if there's any survivors and what kind of life they now lead. Just remember, the more mayhem, the merrier.

    Some examples of possible maps:

    - A planet scorched by the sun.
    - A city overrun by demons from a portal.
    - A regional map depicting a huge crater left by a comet (or a moon?).
    - A world wrecked by a godly war.
    - The United States after the Zombie apocalypse.
    - Lands confronted by a new ice age.
    - Nuclear Armageddon.
    - Nature fighting back!
    - The human colonies after aliens blasted them all to smithereens.
    - A dungeon after Gromet and party visited it

    Good Voting everyone and don't forget to rep the work you liked!

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    An easy choise this time. Awesome maps from Djekspek and Sapiento

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    I didn't find it all that easy to choose. But I went with the two that after voting seem quite popular at this early stage. Which is unusual for me as I seem to always pick outsiders. Though I agree that Djekspek's map / art has some punch to it that make it hard to not vote for.

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    I was looking for a clear before and after map. Four met that criterion. Of those I thought that Mearrin and Sapiento were the best. Steel was just missing something and Euio's 2 differing styles threw me off. If I were voting on beauty I would have chosen Djek and Cereth. If I were voting for technical best I would have picked Imm or Worm. The other three look incomplete but that's just what I see. I didn't enter because I have been suffering from "failing inspiration" lately so mine would have been incomplete too. Thank you to everyone for entering.
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    No disrespect to the other entrants, but if I could have voted twice for Djkeckspeck's map, I would have. Close second between Sapiento's fantastic city (truly a work of art) and Cereth's dour finish, and Cereth just pipped it for me.

    Great work everyone..special mention to SG for some beautiful texturing and euio (most imaginative). But great work everyone. I think I'll be handing out rep to all who competed. But that map by Djekspek...what a map...what ....a .... map.

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    Ultimately my votes went to Djekspek and Sapiento...

    Djekspek's was more art than map to me, but the effort was obvious.

    Sapiento I thought had what I felt was the best interpretation of how I viewed the challenge.

    Thanks to all who entered
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    Wow. Nice work from everyone. With only two votes I had to go with Djekspek and cereth. Qonworld in a work of art and is full of tasty colors. The Sundered Lands makes me want to play a game there and explore what has happened to that world. It reminds me a little of D&D 2e Planescape for some reason (besides the similar font). Oddly, neither of those contain a before shot, which I had initially figured my be a requirement for my vote.

    Honorable mentions to Immolate (lovely map) and Sapiento. If I had another vote it'd go to one of these. I could find things to rave about on all of the other maps as well. Cool challenge, nice entries.

    Oh, and thanks, Ascension, for keeping me from going voteless!

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    My votes went to euio and wormspeaker because I liked their pieces. If it looked like Qonworld would need my vote to carry it across the finish line, I would have voted for it because I think it is the most compelling piece in the challenge and deserving of the win. Cereth's piece also deserves special mention because of it's bold style and craftsmanship. If it had been submitted earlier in the contest, I probably would have voted for it.

    Good job everyone who participated once again. Rep to you all!

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    great maps all! my votes went to Sapiento (love those texture on the little buildings) and cereth (the high-contrast B&W gives it a unique look). Also really liked the maps of SG (great textures but could have had some more details like cities etc) and Immolate (great style/idea but the splatters/cracks seem a bit 'out of style' to me). cheers

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    Djekspek: Beautiful art
    euio: great level of destruction

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