Just to make sure that everyone knows, we've hit a major milestone in the CWBP, in that everyone one of the original 30 tiles of Ansium have been mapped. I haven't bothered counting the smaller regional and town and city maps, but they are easily numbering in the double digits. I know of at least one Dungeons and Dragons game taking place in Ansium (and am proud to say that I'm the one running it on EN World for everyone to see).

All in all, I'd say that, as of this point, the CWBP has been a success since its incarnation so many months ago. Thanks Torq for such a wonderful idea!

Unfortunately, Torq has been inactive here for some months, and there have been countless new member to the Cartographers' Guild with immeasurable talent and insight who I can't help but think would have wanted to get in on the ground floor ofthis project. IMHO, this is a perfect time to build new interest and breathe some fresh life into the CWBP with these new members, if we can get a community leader to take over and offer a bit of direction.

Of course this is all just my two cents, but I thought it was something worth announcing.