Just wanted to say hello.

Incredible maps everyone. I love the site!

My background is in Software development but I'm retired from that after 15 years and running my own business in another field entirely. I am a long time RP gamer even though it's hard to find the time to do it. RL sucks.

I have always done my maps and artwork by hand and have never really liked what came out of computers. Something just seemed artificial or not quite warm enough for me. Obviously, I have next to no experience with doing art on the PC. I have sold some of my artwork back in the day but that's all been on the back burner for decades.

I downloaded GIMP and plan on using some of the tutorials you guys have written once I have a feel for it. Thanks so much for all your efforts. The tools have grown a lot over the years and after looking at your various works I feel inspired to see what I can do. (now if I can just find the time)

Thanks again for having me!