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Thread: An attempt at a detailed hex map

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    Wip An attempt at a detailed hex map


    This is my first post here (and I probably should have started a new topic at the Introductions forum as well), and it's one asking for advice.

    I've attached a small part of a hex map I'm working on. The idea is to create a better visual aid for roleplayers who are playing Dark Fate Campaign Setting, detailing part of the surroundings of a port city.

    The image has two parts: on the right bottom corner is a cropped section of the "world" map, using 25 miles per hex as scale; the rest of the image is that same section, but "zoomed in" to 5 miles per hex.

    My initial idea is provide those two maps (the detailed one would be on the Referee's hands, the simple one could be given to the players).

    The detailed map has a lot of features that the large map doesn't, and that is the point. But I need to ask: did I do a passable job here? Am I overloading the info? Should something major be changed?

    Also, I've included potential "dangerous" areas (the creepy horned creature symbol) and villages/hamlets/thorps (the small house symbol). Too much info? Too "ugly" info?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas and suggestions. I truly appreciate that.
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